About Us

Welcome To WhC

We believe businesses drive forward not just the economy, but the whole society. By supporting all businesses, young and mature, we in turn become a part of something that takes everyone to a better tomorrow. Being a part of the mechanism so fundamental to organisational growth is something we are very passionate about.

So if you own a business, you can count on us when we say that our software can be customised to meet your unique business requirements.

Because for a change, we are a company that can actually make that promise!

Who Are We

Partners in growth

Our Mission

To help businesses with the requisite tools and insights to bring out their true potential and in turn become a part of overall growth and prosperity.

What We Do

We provide our clients with Fintech solutions that help them setup, grow and take control of their businesses, leveraging our expertise in the areas of finance and software technology for the same.

Our story

We are a bunch of professionals from very different disciplines but united by just one thing in common – our passion for doing things better!

With years of experience in respective fields we started our venture together recently after identifying the dearth of customised software solutions that can help all the stakeholders of a business!

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Why Choose Us?

No matter the industry or scale of operations, we can provide solutions to fullfill your needs.

We employ best practices and the incorporate new technological developments to provide a better method to account, analyze and report everything you need to steer your business towards success.

We cost based on the exact amount of value we provide you.

We like to think of our clients as partners. Mutual growth helps us thrive and ensuring a hassle free experience for our clients is an integral part of this.

Multi-disciplined, experienced individuals who value your time and the utility we can provide you.

We have solutions for a wide variety of your business needs, all the way from Bar code scanning and Billing to a cloud supported multi user ERP.

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